Book Review

D.E. Hardings On Having No Head, is great for one who wants to begin incorporating zen and spiritual practices into everyday life. Harding writes about a zen approach to life where one tries to live life without a head by viewing ones head as a “empty void with space to fill.” While this isn’t an original idea, Harding talks about his own experiences and goes in depth about to live life in said manner. By adding modern twists on how to practice this lifestyle, Harding creates an interesting guide to an old practice.

While this book never really peaked my interest, its short length contains a lot of detail and provocative ideas to keep the reader entertained. When finished, I was definitely left with enough steps to practice this headlessness where I was satisfied. The lifestyle itself is the highlight of this book, but Hardings additions create a pleasant reading experience that left me wanting to change the way I view my life.

Piano House in Graphic Design

Thanks to my friend William Adams (instagram: William.adams22), he turned my piano house into a piece of graphic art. I also asked him to add on to it and he created a really cool design. I like how the dark grays contrast with the red woods. The filter of the woods creates a sense of horror and totally transforms how the house is seen!

Movie Review

Last night I watched my first movie from Austrian director, Michael Haneke, Cache. The story is very interesting and psychologically thrilling. I really liked the subtle terror throughout the film and how it affects each character. I think Georges is a well done anti-hero as at first I really sympathize for him, but this sympathy grows smaller and smaller as the film progresses. The plot makes the watcher stay involved with the never-ending suspense , raw human emotion from the characters, and the big question- How does shame effect ones conscious? As far as cinematography goes, this film doesn’t really do anything crazy, but thats what makes it good. The often dark lighting, relaxed edits, and the standard camera work all emphasize that this is a real world problem that can happen to anyone which makes it scarier. The many still shots capture a realistic reaction of surprise present, and adds to the calm yet ominous motifs. This film was very well done and earns a 5/5 from me.

Album of the Week

The album of choice this week is 333 by Bladee (cover-work by Claire Barrow). This is one of the newest album from Drain Gang CEO, Bladee, and one of my favorites. Bladee’s otherworldly production choice, androgynous voice, and melodies create a futuristic cloud rap album I enjoy. While the production isn’t as experimental as previous projects, its like no other music out there yet Bladees auto-tuned voice matches it perfectly. My favorite tracks are Reality Surf and Hero Of My Story 3style3 (which samples LOTR).