Book Review

D.E. Hardings On Having No Head, is great for one who wants to begin incorporating zen and spiritual practices into everyday life. Harding writes about a zen approach to life where one tries to live life without a head by viewing ones head as a “empty void with space to fill.” While this isn’t an original idea, Harding talks about his own experiences and goes in depth about to live life in said manner. By adding modern twists on how to practice this lifestyle, Harding creates an interesting guide to an old practice.

While this book never really peaked my interest, its short length contains a lot of detail and provocative ideas to keep the reader entertained. When finished, I was definitely left with enough steps to practice this headlessness where I was satisfied. The lifestyle itself is the highlight of this book, but Hardings additions create a pleasant reading experience that left me wanting to change the way I view my life.

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