Book Discussion- “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

Ken Kasey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is a profound, fun story that has powerful meaning and critique that has changed America. Now, I use the adjective fun lightly here, as this story has very serious scenes and critiques that should be taken seriously. Nonetheless, the moments of laughter and joy should be taken seriously too in order to make us question common stereotypes of the mentally ill through an easy medium of humor. I think the often witty tone allowed me space in order to reassess the seriousness in the situation. Ultimately, I think this a story of triumph, which is enhanced by the novel’s commanding language and enjoyable plot.

Kasey proved to be an effective author; I was captured by the strong language throughout the novel. This allowed for me to be overtaken by feelings character’s themselves felt, and in turn placed me in the ward itself. I was able to see exactly what was going on, and even feel it too. Despite the first person narration, I was able to imagine things so clearly that I could formulate feelings on my own. In addition, the narration and language worked together allowed for me to empathize with these people more and in turn draw overall meaning from the novel.

While I already believed the idea that everyone in life has importance solely based upon their ability to provide new ideas and perspective because of their individual traits, reading this novel helped me expand and think more about this idea. First, not everyone can get too someplace themselves; other people are needed to help you evolve. In the most cases, it would be better if this person was kind in their actions, and this book showed me that even the smallest actions can go the longest ways. But someone who evil, it feels like all they do is cause harm, there is opportunity to learn from them, even if it be to just not be like them. I think that everyone should approach people with intent to extract the best from them, but if met with evil, understand there can still be valuable lessons to extract. Also, don’t be so quick to dismiss the evil, for people can change.

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