Movie Review (Trainspotting)

This was my second time watching Trainspotting (I watched it for the first time last year), and I found the replay value to be equally entertaining to the first time watch. This movie is full of energy and is just tremendously fun to watch. I think a main reason of why this movie is so good is the characters. They’re very realistic in nature, but still all flamboyant in their own way. Combined with the wild adventures they embark upon, you never truly know what’s going to happen. In addition, the cinematic experience is also a journey of its own. There are some fun shots and sequences that really create a sensation similar to the rush the addicts feel.

Despite this movie being full of amusement, there are some serious undertones and dilemmas that provoke serious thinking. While we can’t help for cheering for the characters good fortune, they still are heroin addicts. While I don’t think we are supposed to fully idolize these characters, I don’t think we’re supposed to turn our heads from disgust. I honestly think it comes down to the viewer to be the judge of wether these characters garner our respect. I can’t help but appreciate their nihilistic attitude, but there are consequences that I can’t forgive. Therefore I think this movie is perfect because of its balance of pure entertainment and thoughtfulness. I also recently picked up the novel so I will be reading that shortly.

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