Book Discussion (The Metamorphosis)

After reading Franz Kafka’s The Castle, my interest was peaked enough for me to buy The Metamorphosis. I was a ted hesitant at first though- his prose is strange and is hard to read. But his insight was overwhelmingly powerful that I had to read more. What I discovered in The Metamorphosis was a fascinating, somewhat humorous case study of the modern man in more accessible language.

Right away, this story was much easier to read. Nonetheless, the language was profound enough to create complexity. It still has the kafkaesque prose, just offered more clarity. This made Gregor’s case much more easier to analyze. The way Kafka can form the deep human thoughts about what we are doing in this world into this absurd story but still be very relatable is truly moving. He is able to harness these emotions and translate them into a dark yet humorous story that can tell us a lot about we want. He offers a lot of room for personal interpretation, which is an aspect of writing I have learned to appreciate.

While short, there is something to be studied on every page. Kafka writes every detail with purpose, and it just by trying to apply it to your own life leaves you changing, or enter a personal metamorphosis. I think every one should read this book, for it deals with issues we can relate to universally.

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