TV Show Review (Arrested Development)

Comedy shows are very divisive to me; I find many very banal and overall boring. However, this is not the case for Arrested Development. It’s no surprise to me that it has achieved a cult following because of it it’s wit and storyline.

I watched the first three seasons, and enjoyed every second of it. These are the original seasons before the “remix” after Netflix bought the show’s rights. Nonetheless, these three seasons are some of the humorous TV I’ve watched. From a writing standpoint this show is genius. It’s full of extremely witty and dry humor- which is my favorite type. While it has a more linear narrative than Curb, each episode is still somewhat independent, which is a form I tend to like in comedy shows. It’s very creative in how it ties events together and just a very funny and unique plot overall.

It also has some of the funniest characters in a comedy series I’ve seen. Each character is very different, yet the combination of them all is hilarious and they all have really good chemistry together. They kind of exaggerate their already stranger persona, but they pull it of naturally and really enhances the comedic aspect of each scene. I highly recommend this show to really anyone as it is one of my new favorites!

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