Book Discussion (On the Road)

My Mother recommended this book to me while out in a book store, and I’m really glad she did. After reading Kazin’s A Walker in the City, I thought the “beat” generation was a fascinating movement of American literature. It really is off-beat from our traditional values, and Kerouac does a really good job describing this movement with his storytelling and prose.

Kerouac’s storytelling ability is one to be rivaled. It’s loosely based off a true story, but Kerouac’s ability to form this strange tale into words is really interesting to read. He’s really raw in his narration, describing the hardships Sal faces while meeting new people all over America. This storytelling is also enhanced with Kerouac’s use of imagery. He really makes things come to life with his long sentence and vivid descriptions. It’s truly beautiful to read.

While there are many lessons to be pulled from the book, the most important to me is to be more relaxed and appreciate what you have. Sal is practically homeless most of the novel, but he is able to find beauty in everything. Even when he is at his worse, he always finds a way to have fun. In addition, he heavily relies on other people. Wether it be his friends or family, he couldn’t have done anything in this novel without help from others. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for help when we need it.

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