Album of the Week (Boofpaxkmooky)

I have been following underground soundcloud rapper Boofpaxkmooky for a while now, but this week he was a staple in my music rotation. While I don’t really listen to any of his full length projects, his singles on soundcloud are amazing. He has really reinvented the sub genre of rap called plug. For those who do not know, plug is a sub genre of rap music that came from different producers on soundcloud. “Plug” was a producer tag for Mexicodro, a keystone figure in this new wave of rap music. Anyway, Boofpaxkmooky really is a star in the genre. His beats are hazy, ethereal, and loaded with bass, a popular sound within the plug genre. However, his vocals and catchy bars really stand out to me. His autotuned voice is moody and emotional. It really pairs well with the slow trap beats. His lyrics are filled with fun bars and true feelings. Overall, his songs atmospheres are futuristic and great to listen to for any mood. Some of my favorite songs of his are Batman, Ta Da, and Occasions.

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