Album of the Week (Crystal Castles)

Crystal Castles’ debut self-titled is one of my favorite albums ever , and despite trying to discover new electronic albums, I always come back to this one. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the first electronic albums I really liked, but I think it’s more because this is just a great album. I think Alice Glass’s raw punk style and voice mixed with Ethan Fawn’s reckless, abrasive electronic production is a match made in heaven (Disclaimer: I support and stand by Alice Glass speaking out. I’m truly glad that it seems she is doing better. My like for this duo is solely based on their music.). Alice’s powerful vocals on tracks like Alice Practice is extremely harsh and loud, but the raw emotion of it is really moving. And her overall autotuned voice combined with the crazy synths creates a super unique atmosphere. It’s dark, chaotic, but somehow all together smoothing. That’s why it’s a great listen for every mood, wether it the production to dance too, the melancholy lyrics, or the overall gloomy atmosphere. This is truly one of the the best electronic albums ever.

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