Movie Review (Suspiria)

Dario Argento’s 1997 horror film Suspiria is truly a masterpiece. You know I have my vices against horror movies, but this movie great. The direction and cinematography is amazing. The shot’s are so beautiful, but there’s always a hidden layer of fear and suspense which conveys a unique feeling. The avant-garde shots create a very visually pleasing experience, but the hidden layer unveils the horror in the scene. The whole aesthetic of the cinematography is gorgeous. As said, every shot is visually pleasing, but the colors and architecture make it so. This is the best use of colors I have ever seen in a movie. The color red plays a part in the movie in itself. The architecture within the shots is also amazing, it’s Kubrick level. This movie rivals Stalker in aesthetic. The narrative is also interesting. It’s nothing amazing, but the acting and dialogue are well done, and I never though any scene was too trite. It was also very scary. It was genuine horror, and it was very much elevated through the cinematography. The score also played a role in how scary this movie is. It’s the best and scariest horror movie soundtrack I have ever heard, it truly elevates every scene. This movie earns a 5/5 from me, and is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen.

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