Album of the Week (The Smiths)

I apologize for the lack of music posts. I listen to a lot of different albums, and often never quite listen to an album completely. In one of my first posts in this blog, I showed a collage of all my favorite albums. I don’t really to write about those as I have already displayed my like for them. But not talking about them is stupid. I shouldn’t be afraid to talk about them, so here I am writing about one of my favorite albums ever: The Smiths The Smiths. This album is incredible to me in every aspect, as well as the sentimental value it holds to me. I have listened to this albums at low and high points, and it has always offered me the same consolation every listen. That’s one great thing about this album; it is enjoyable at every mood. This is in part to Morrissey’s lyrics. Despite him being a bad person, I am not afraid to call Moz the best singer/songwriter ever. I think this album is his best lyricism to date. It’s incredibly human, emotional, and relatable. It truly is poetry. It describes feelings every outside can relate to, and does it in a beautiful way. The sound of the music is also amazing. It perfects soft rock for me. Johnny Marr is an incredible guitarist, and the atmosphere of every song is just incredible. The guitar riffs are some of the best in music history. As I mentioned early, the sound isn’t truly happy or sad, it’s a mix of both which is why it’s so enjoyable for every mood and listen. This is one of my favorite pieces of media ever and it’s very special to me.

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