Movie Review (The Dark Knight)

I have already watched the whole Dark Knight trilogy, and they are some of my favorite action movies ever, especially The Dark Knight. I haven’t seen it in quite a while, so I decided to rewatch it for the first time, and I was still incredibly impressed. I think Christopher Nolan is a tad overrated, but he does a fantastic job with this movie. Every scene is so visually stunning, and just totally captivating. The fights and action scenes are great; they’re crazy but not over the top where it becomes totally unrealistic. As an avid comic book reader when I was a child, Nolan brings out the grim atmosphere from the comics into this film amazingly. The cast is almost amazing. Every actor perfects there role, especially Heath Ledger (RIP). He was an amazing actor and his performance as the Joker is one of the best villain performances ever. It’s incredibly raw and he played it perfeclyt. The narrative is also really well done for any movie, but very superior to other superhero movies. The drama is realistic and is written and acted in a sincere way, and there is a lot of depth within the plot. Overall, it is the best superhero movie ever and one of the best action movies. This movie is a masterpiece and earns a 5/5 from me.

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