Movie Review (Tokyo Drifter)

I am a fan of Seijun Suzuki after watching Branded to Kill, but I enjoyed Tokyo Drifter a little more. It’s a real unique take on a mob film, or rather the yakuza. I really enjoyed the narrative, and I think Tetsu is a great character. With Suzuki, the narrative is always going to be absurd, and this was the case here. But in this movie, I just think it played out overall better than Branded to Kill. In Tokyo Drifter, you can really relate to Tetsu. The plot overall is more interesting and emotional. Nonetheless, Suzuki’s jarring style makes the movie funny and special. I really likes the use of color in this film and it really creates a cool atmosphere in many scenes. The shots are fun and really make the movie more lively. In addition, the soundtrack really elevates the movie and plays a role in itself which is really fun to watch. It’s also great to listen too! I give this movie a 4/5, it’s not quite perfect, but fairly close. I’m a mob movie fan, but this genre can be over saturated. This movie shows that there’s more to be done within the genre. I highly recommend it to someone who feels the same way about mob movies, and hopefully you find this movie unlike others.

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