Movie Review (The Stranger)

The Stranger (1946) is my first film I have seen by Orson Welles and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy film noirs and this was one of the best ones I have seen. Other noirs sometimes try to accomplish too much and leave the viewer confused or underwhelmed, but this was not the case with this film. The narrative was good, not incredibly unique, but creative with enough suspense to really keep the viewer entertained at all times. It does a good job with the pacing and as noirs usually go, there is always tension in every scene. However this plot ascends to a more art house film with Welles’ direction. His interesting, scary shots and beautiful use of lighting really captivates the anxiety in every scene. His over all cinematography really elevates the somewhat fascinating plot to the next level. Therefore, I really enjoyed every second of this film and it ears a 4/5 from me. It just misses that touch of truly creative genius that really makes a film a masterpiece. Nonetheless, this is a classic film noir that I recommend to any fan of the genre.

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