TV Review (High Maintenance)

I have been very busy and therefore haven’t been watching as much TV as I would like to. However, TV is one of my favorite forms of media/art and I still watch as much as I can. I recently finished the current (4) seasons of HBO’s High Maintenance and really enjoyed it. I am pretty picky when it comes to TV, and even more when it’s a comedy show. Nowadays every comedy show has the same plot more or less and is banal. This show was super unique and really funny and honestly often emotional. Each episode is its own short story, while there is still some overall linear progression. We follow a drug dealer in NYC and this show does a good job of staying true to modern NYC culture and every episode is a little different. We learn about some different people and it’s really like if people watching is a show except it goes a little more in depth. It’s super beautiful how it explores the lives of the many people in NYC. From this it can be raw and touching through these different short stories. Nonetheless, it’s still a comedy at heart. The humor is mature but funny which is my favorite form of comedy. This show gets a 5/5 from me and I recommend it highly if you liked Atlanta or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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