Book Discussion (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

This was my first novel from Oscar Wilde, and having heard a lot of good things from my Mother and Morrisey, I had high expectations. However, these expectations were short of how much The Picture of Dorian Gray moved me. After reading the brief introduction in the book of the novel and about Oscar Wilde, I found him truly fascinating. He was a true progressive, and a person that I relate too. He was a true pioneer in the aesthetic movement which is something I enjoy. Anyways, this novel was truly beautiful. Wilde’s style is filled with beautiful imagery, emotional narrations, and a sense that every word is delicately chosen. This allows for each scene to really come a live in my head, and while reading every sentence there’s something to dissect and think about. Wilde is not afraid to discuss controversial topics like moral, density, age, and sexuality at a time when said topics were taboo. He truly wrote to help the reader discover about himself, and he did just that for me. All of his characters are truly human and all relatable. I honestly find Lord Henry my favorite character. While he is not necessarily a good person, he would argue that moral doesn’t not exist. His speeches and dialogue are written so well and truly tap in to human life. Dorian is also a great protagonist. Wilde’s attempt at magical realism is well done for it being one of the first times used, and makes the story more creative. Dorians progression is one of the best progessions I have read, and in the similar aspect as Lord Henry but in different ways, taps in to dark human thought and really explores it. The whole story is truly beautiful and moving. Wilde’s classic and gothic style is amazing to read and never escapes my attention. The themes and how they are discussed is truly the highlight of this novel. After reading, it has really changed the way I approach my life and gave it less meaning for the better.

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