Book Discussion (Cat’s Cradle)

My friend (thanks William!) recommended me this book, and after reading I was very surprised on how much I enjoyed this novel. I was unfamiliar with Kurt Vonnegut, but after reading Cat’s Cradle, I already want to read more from him and wasn’t surprised it was my friends favorite book. The comedic and satirical aspects of this book are hilarious and really had me laughing. Its mature humor and wit, which is my preferred style of comedy, make every joke funny in a sophisticated, introspective way. This really compliments with Vonneguts unique style of dialogue and storytelling. The dialogue and narration is raw, blunt, and simple yet mature. The storytelling is the same way. It’s lucid but filled with humor and enough sophistication that truly makes the novel a page turner. Overall, his style is extremely enjoyable and pairs well with his humor. However, this novel offers much more than that. I was pleasantly surprised with the other themes within this book- science, religion, human nature, etc. Vonnegut never dives super deep within this categories, yet includes enough detail for the reader to fill with their own opinion to make the book more personal and interesting which I though was amazing. In conclusion, every aspect of this book compliments each other to create a super hilarious and harmonious story. This was truly a special book and is already one of my favorites. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

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