Album of the Week

This weeks music selection isn’t really an album, it’s singles from Playboi Carti’s early soundcloud career (these are often dubbed the red cover singles because all these songs have a solid red cover). Rap was the first genre of music I got into and still holds a place in my heart. However, only being a teenager, I grew up with a different sound of rap than those older than me. Many people are quick to trash this mumble rap but I beg to differ. Carti is one of the first in this scene and I became quickly obsessed. His hazy trap beats, relaxed voice, and his persona were all so attractive to me as a young kid. I couldn’t never really relate to his lyrics, but they were so cool and flashy to me. His early singles such as Smash and By Myself/ No Help remain my favorites to this day and really stuck out to me. My friends bash me for liking these, claiming it sounds like everybody else, it’s not lyrical enough, etc. I’m not here to defend myself or try to make you love Carti, I just think he deserves more recognition. His sounds are beautiful and really are distinct to me. His production choice is incredible, his beats are trap influenced, but still provide a hazy feel. His flow matches well with this beats to create an atmospheric sound that is different than modern rappers. His old music will forever be special to me as he introduced me too many aspects of modern culture, so I may be bias, but I still think he is a talented rapper who is very enjoyable to listen too.

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