Movie Review (Sisters)

Brian De Palma’s Sisters is a creative, interesting psychological thriller that had me engaged and entertained. However, the first half of this movie is somewhat boring. The interesting narrative keeps it alive and still captures the viewer with an interesting murder and characters, but there’s not really much beyond that. However, the second half really changes for the better. The story really picks up and takes an interesting turn, and the almost constant suspense haunts the viewer. De Palma also really adds some creative flair in this second half to make this film more unique and grim. He uses split screens in the first half for an interesting touch, but his use of montages of flashbacks toward the end really stuck out to me. They really tie the story together and add to the psychological terror. While these montages added more context and connected everything, the ending was underwhelming, especially considering the action toward the end. In conclusion, the narrative and entertainment value was there. De Palma added to this with some memorable scenes. However, the dialogue was subpar and the first half was nothing special. Nonetheless this movie earns a 3/5 from me. I recommend it if you liked Hitchcock’s Psycho, as these two films are similar.

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