Movie Review

Blade by Stephen Norrington is an entertaining superhero action movie with a decent story and action scenes, but not much more.

I was pretty curious to see this movie because the story seemed appealing, but it also had a pretty big cultural impact. It was Marvels first movie with a black hero, and it really skyrocketed Marvel into to movie industry. So for that alone, thats pretty amazing. However, the movie itself isn’t great, but its not bad. Im not going to act like its something its not supposed to be, its a superhero movie meant to be a box office hit. Nonetheless, I still somewhat enjoyed it. The story of Blade is interesting in itself. Watching it doesn’t really feel like a chore, unlike many other superhero movies. However, there are still many shallow and stupid scenes.

Wesley Snipes does a great job as he plays a historic role for the movie industry. The other acting and dialogue is pretty bad, but there are still a few fun scenes that were entertaining This movie earns a 2/5 from me, but its cultural impact is more important than the movie itself.

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