Book Discussion

In Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley connects the implications of Brave New World to the real world.

This was a must read for me as Brave New World is my favorite book. While the story itself is amazing, I was also really intrigued of the science and philosophical tones of the novel. The essays in this book are about the original book and provide more backstory and tie it to real world problems. These essays talk about the fundamentals of Huxley’s philosophy and really bring to light problems in modern society that could (or rather will) lead us to the dystopian setting of Brave New World. Huxley writes about pursuit of freedom, education of propaganda, mind-manipulation, etc within modern society. This was very eye opening to me as I thought ideas in Brave New World wouldn’t be used until a long time, but was I wrong. Huxley continues on to write about how we will get there, but also ways to stop, or at least slow ,this seemingly inevitable path to total tyranny. These essays are very insightful to problems society faces today, and is a must read for the modern man regardless of their stance regarding the original novel.

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