Movie Review

Fallen Angels is a cinematic masterpiece that really changed the way I see how movies can be made.

The narrative of this foreign film isn’t mind blowing, but it’s not the main point of the film. It follows three very different characters who all have some connection at one point or another. It’s a pretty standard plot, but includes some intricacies that make it a little more special. The plot involves the watcher through chaotic gun-fight scenes all the way to very intimate scenes of love. Through this, it really comes off as a raw story rather than forcing feelings on you, which made me relate to the characters.

What really made this movie enjoyable at every second is the cinematography. I have never seen anything as experimental as this, but Wong Kar-Wai nails it. The unconventional (but nonetheless fascinating) camerawork is almost like something out of a photograph essay, but it works well with the emotions displayed in the film. The atmosphere from the settings, color schemes, and shots of the city life create a beautiful, almost hallucinogenic feeling that entices the viewer.

The cinematography alone is worth the watch, but the plot isn’t bad by any means. This movie earns a 4/5 for me but is a much watch regardless.

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